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3.866.303 overnight visitors to Hannover Region

In 2015, the state capital Hannover booked 2.232.282 million overnight visitors, Hannover Region as a whole recorded 3.866.030 overnight stays.

Yukon-Bay at Hannover Zoo.

Hannover attracted more overnight visitors than ever in 2015 and tourism in Hannover Region reached record levels. With 2.232.282 million overnight visitors between January and December, the state capital of Lower Saxony far exceeded the record figures from the year 2011 (2.106 million overnight visitors) as well as the level of EXPO year 2000 (2.030 million).

Lower Saxony’s Department of Statistics and Communications Technology recorded a year-on-year increase of 150.010 overnight stays for 2015, equivalent to an increase of 7,2 per cent compared with 2014. The total number of visitors who stayed overnight in the 21 cities and municipalities that make up Hannover Region rose to 170.027, in other words an increase of 4,6 per cent year-on-year.

Hans Christian Nolte, Managing Director of Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH, is delighted with this positive trend. “The increase of 150.010 overnight visitors to the state capital means year-on-year growth more than 27 million euros in gross turnover, generating a total of 30 million euros higher turnover for Hannover Region. It is not only accommodation providers who benefit from this trend, but also the retail, catering, leisure and entertainment sectors.” This highlights the growing importance of tourism as an economic factor for Hannover Region.

The long-term increase in the number of overnight stays is also highly impressive: in 1999, for example, Hannover recorded a figure of approx. 1.1 million overnight visitors – in the year 2015, this figure more than doubled!

This steady rise in the previously “weaker” months, such as July, August and October, has led to a welcome increase in occupancy rates for the hotels.

Johannes Hennigfeld, Spokesperson of the Hotel Division of DEHOGA German Hotel and Restaurant Association for Hannover, was also highly satisfied with the figures for the year: “The higher number of visitors, especially in the leisure tourism sector, has led to a continuous and welcome improvement in annual occupancy rates. The average occupancy rate for the total beds available in 2015 was xxx per cent, which is xx per cent higher than the figure for 2014.”

Great Garden

Figures and activities in other countries

Guests from other countries accounted for 499.893 overnight stays in the state capital, a year-on-year increase of 9,7 per cent. The figure for foreign guests in Hannover Region was up by 6,6 per cent, which means that every fourth overnight visitor came from abroad.

These figures reflect Hannover’s participation in the roadshows organised by the German Tourist Board, the presentation of Hannover as a holiday region at workshops for foreign tour operators and the permanent activities of HMTG in Scandinavia and Germany’s neighbouring countries in Europe.

These activities can only be continuously pursued in other countries with the help of efficient partners and in the form of cooperative ventures. HMTG is a member of the Magic Cities of Germany (advertising association of the top German destinations which handles joint marketing activities abroad) and of “9 Cities in Lower Saxony”.

9 Cities in Lower Saxony

The marketing association “9 Cities in Lower Saxony” is also highly satisfied with the accommodation figures for 2015: More than 5 million overnight visitors! Recod level!

Hans Christan Nolte, Spokesperson of “9 Cities in Lower Saxony” regards this performance as confirmation of the strategy of continuous market development and of the key themes that were selected for the promotion activities. “By presenting the unique and diverse mix that the participating cities have to offer and attracting new target groups, we have achieved good results which benefit all our members.”

Hannover Fairgrounds

Outlook for 2016

At the start of the tourist year, HMTG is once again focussing on tourism for young people at its stand at the Vakantiebeurs in the Dutch city of Utrecht. This strategy will also be part of HMTG’s activities at the ITB, the world’s leading travel trade show in Berlin. Numerous mega events in Hannover such as the Special Olympics, the 775th city anniversary celebrations and Maschsee Lake Festival will provide many reasons to visit Hannover Region in 2016, especially in the summer months.

“Hannover Lounge”, a successful cooperation with Deutsche Messe AG and hannoverimpuls for the presentation of Hannover as a business and innovation location at foreign trade fairs, will also be continued this year with new partners. The current plans include a stand at the WIN EURASIA in Turkey, at the Lesprom Ural in Russia, an industrial fair in Chicago and two trade fairs in China and India.

Various press and marketing activities will also be rolled out in Switzerland at the start of the month to tie in with the CeBIT, where Switzerland is this year’s partner country. A visit from American President Obama to open HANNOVER MESSE will also be used for other campaigns and press contacts with the west coast of the United States.

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Last updated: 29 Feb 2016