New winter campaign

Give the moment – give the feeling – Hannover!

This year’s winter and Christmas campaign from Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH (HMTG) has the motto “Give the moment – Hannover!” Hundreds of billboards and a newspaper supplement present a wealth of ideas for special experiences in Hannover.

Take a look at the beautiful courtyard of Marienburg Castle with its festive decorations, enjoy special moments with your family at the winter zoo, or immerse yourself in the magical world of the next opera ball – these are just some of the special Hannover experiences waiting for you! The evocative pictures of the latest HMTG winter and Christmas campaign are full of inspiration for little breaks from everyday life. Starting on 18 November, over 1000 billboards and citylight posters from Emden to Kassel as well as the newspaper supplement “Dates for your diary” (with 1.8 million copies), will make you want to give your friends and family unforgettable moments and feelings.

Hans Christian Nolte, managing director of HTMG, said that “With this campaign we particularly want to reach people who are looking for something special, because that’s what we are looking for when we give someone a present. People remember shared experiences for years.”

But the campaign isn’t just aimed at tourists and guests. The residents of Hannover are also invited to (re)discover special places in their area – to visit the latest exhibition at the State Museum or wonder at the international artists in the GOP Vaudeville Theatre, for example. Following on from the autumn campaign “The best time is!”, this HMTG winter campaign also uses tablet screens showing atmospheric impressions of a great variety of events combined with large outdoor views of the diverse destinations. The pictures give you a taste of the many unforgettable moments waiting behind the scenes.

Alongside the emotional pictures on the posters, a newspaper supplement distributed within a 250 km radius of the Hannover region provides you with ideas and information about events and package arrangements for special Hannover experiences. How about a visit to the GOP children’s Christmas musical “Pinocchio” with grandma and grandad or the Christmas Market with colleagues, or maybe an unforgettable evening with your loved ones at Cirque du Soleil. The pleasure of sharing special moments is always the central idea of the themed packages. Enjoy a weekend at a spa with your best friend by Lake Steinhude, visit an Udo Lindenberg concert with your neighbour, experience Hannover’s “chocolaty side” with your niece or the “Display of Gymnastic Fireworks” at the turn of the year – individual overnight packages give visitors plenty of opportunities to share the experience of Hannover.

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Last updated: 18 Nov 2015