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Mexican Team Wins the 21st International Fireworks Competition in Hannover (25.09.2011)

The winner of the 21st International Fireworks Competition in Hannover comes from Mexico!

Mexican Team Wins the 21st International Fireworks Competition in Hannover

The winner of the 21st International Fireworks Competition in Hannover comes from Mexico!

After its display yesterday evening (24 September), it was announced that first place went to the "Pirotecnia Reyes" team. The outstanding presentation by the Mexican pyrotechnic experts put them ahead of their rivals from Sweden, France, Spain and Austria. The team from Mexicosucceeded in captivating the audience in the Great Garden with a brilliant fireworks choreography which had been designed specially for this event. It also convinced the jury of ten independent experts with its perfect rendering of the competition requirements and a harmonious tapestry of pyrotechnic and musical effects. Second place went to Austria, Spain finished third.

Hans Christian Nolte, Managing Director of Hannover Veranstaltungs GmbH which organises this major global contest, was equally satisfied with the course of the event: "Internationally respected top teams took part, and for the 2012 International Fireworks Competition we have already received a veritable deluge of applications from numerous countries. This keen interest from the pyrotechnicians confirms the worldwide reputation of the International Fireworks Competition."

The contest takes place on five evenings between May and September, together with a themed supporting programme geared to the country of the performing team, and has meanwhile evolved into a real tourist attraction. This year, a total of 49,000 visitors came to Herrenhausen Gardens to admire the pyrotechnic artistry. Prior to the actual fireworks, the audience could also watch displays of baroque equestrian skills, flamenco, various performers as well as music and dance acts, whilst enjoying a leisurely picnic in the baroque park.

The history of the family firm "Pirotecnia Reyes" dates back to the year 1910. The present director Ignacio Manuel Arias Reyes is meanwhile the third generation to manage the Mexican company - and he does so with great success. In 1992, the company won the national "Pirotecniade Torre" in Tultepec. Since then it has displayed its expertise at international venues, delighting spectators the world over. Pirotecnia Reyes was awarded 3rd place in the 13th International Fireworks Competition in Hannoverin 2003.

The rules of the International Fireworks Competition are clearly defined: the fireworks display has to last at least 22 minutes and includes a compulsory section before the pyrotechnic experts can give free rein to their creativity. When planning the displays, the teams take their cue from the baroque gardens; they have to include a specified number of ground elements, but other than that there are very few restrictions as regards their inventiveness, choice of music and imagery. In addition to the overall impression, the jury awards marks for technical execution, technical perfection, the variety of the different effects and the interpretation of the music.

The 22nd International Fireworks Competition will begin on 12 May 2012 with a display by this year's winners from Mexico. Ticket sales are expected to begin in November.

Competition dates in 2012: 12 May, 9 June, 25 August, 8 September, 22 September.

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