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Through the districts of Hannover: Nordstadt

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Nordstadt: Papagei in der Kopernikusstraße

Discover the different districts of Hannover.


If you want to get to know Hannover beyond the classic sights, it's best to book a guided tour of the district!

Discover the city from a completely different side! Experience the calm and casual northern city on an exciting tour.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant life of the northern part of Hanover with our guided city tour. The Nordstadt district, known for its lively, tolerant and peaceful ambience, offers an exciting mix of cultural diversity, historic architecture and lively urban scenes.

Engelbosteler Damm – the pulsating heart of the northern city

Our tour begins at Engelbosteler Damm, where urban life pulsates with an impressive selection of cafés, bars and restaurants. Let yourself be enchanted by the open and diverse atmosphere of this street and find out more about the lively hustle and bustle that characterizes the northern city.

Luther Church – A historical landmark

A special highlight of the tour is the visit to the Luther Church, an architectural masterpiece with deep historical significance for the northern city. Discover the tranquil surroundings and learn how this location has become a focal point for community events and cultural gatherings over the years.

Welfengarten – A green oasis

The Welfengarten, a green oasis in the middle of the northern part of the city, offers ideal opportunities for relaxation. Walk through the picturesque avenues and hear exciting stories about the history of the neighboring University of Hanover.

Street art – urban art up close

Explore the impressive street art scene of the northern city. Every graffiti and every mural on Engelbosteler Damm and Bodestrasse tells its own story, which your tour guide brings vividly to life.


Information and Booking:


every 1st Friday of the month (meeting point: Christuskirche)


5 p.m.


€ 15 per adult
€ 11 per child up to 14 years/pupils/students


approx. 2 hours


german/english speaking guide on request



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Last updated: 15 May 2024