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4. Leibniz-Frieze at New Town Hall

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Here you will find information about the Leibniz-Frieze at New Town Hall.

Fries am Neuen Rathaus

The frequently photographed scene is displayed in the pictorial frieze on the outside of the building next to the mayor’s balcony: it shows Electress Sophie – the initiator of the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen – placing a laurel wreath on Leibniz’s head. She was one of the people the genius enjoyed conversing with, and he often went walking with her through the Royal Gardens. This sculpture was created by Karl Gundelach in a work which includes other famous personalities who played a part in the city’s history. The model of the city in the entrance hall
shows how the city looked in 1689 at the time that Leibniz lived there.

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2021