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5. Leibniz-Memorial: Künstlerhaus

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Here you will find information about the Leibniz-Memorial at Künstlerhaus.

Leibniz Statue am Künstlerhaus

Visitors standing in front of the Künstlerhaus under the chandelier in the Sophienstraße see in the far top left of the facade the figure of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz on a console beneath a canopy. The polymath is shown with a resolute face, a curled wig, and statesman-like robes. The creator of this work of art was the sculptor Carl Dopmeyer (1824 – 1899). Born in Springe, his other works include the Gänseliesel fountain at Steintor, and the Luther memorial at the Market Church. The statue of Alexander von Humboldt (on the right-hand side of the facade) also originated in Dopmeyer’s studio.

On the trail of the polymath

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2021