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7. Leineschloss

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Here you will find information about the Leineschloss.


Working and living in the Leine Palace – for Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, this began in December 1676 shortly after arriving in Hannover. When he took over the management of the Duke’s library, it contained 3,310 volumes and 158 written documents. He expanded the contents of the library very quickly thanks to his international contacts. He also redesigned the Knights’ Hall in the palace. He made designs showing how the ceiling paintings and the portraits of the aristocratic Guelph family should be arranged. Originally built in 1637, the palace underwent ornate conversion work beginning in 1688. Leibniz moved along with his books into the Leinstraße, and later into the Schmiedestraße. The building is being renovated again today – giving a new look to the Niedersachsen parliamentary building.

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2021