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9. Historical Museum

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Here you will find information about the Historical Museum.

Das Historische Museum zeigt barocke Schätze und berühmte Persönlichkeiten aus Hannovers Geschichte.

The Hannover Museum of History collects exhibits associated with the history of Hannover and the former areas ruled by the Guelphs in the present day state of Niedersachsen. The illuminated Leibniz quote on the side of the museum facing the Leine is best seen at night. Joseph Kosuth created it specially for the world exposition Expo 2000 which took place in Hannover. The quote displayed on the old city wall, comes from the Monadology of the universal genius. In it, he describes the interaction of the spiritual and the material world. The museum built in 1966 lies at the nucleus of the city, on the high bank, the Hohes Ufer (“honovere”) of the river Leine. Very attractive exhibits inside the museum show how the city developed from its beginnings to today. The exhibits also include a Leibniz portrait and some of his personal belongings.

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Leibniz-Tour Hannover

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2021