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Männer in Anzügen stehen in einer Reihe und schauen in die Kamera. © Bruchmeister, Schützenverein

city tour for groups

On Tour with the Bruchmeister

Learn more about 700 years of the Bruchmeister tradition and "Lüttje Lage" on a unique, entertaining and sociable city walk

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Put yourself in the safe hands of the men-in-black with their top hats and white gloves. The Bruchmeister (city stewards) not only tell an interesting story about Hannover´s characters and history, their own roots also go back over 700 years. The highlight of the tour comes at the end when you have the honour of learning from the real experts the tricky technique of drinking Hannover´s traditional pick-me-up, the "Lüttje Lage". Prost!

Information and Booking:

Duration: up to 2 hours
Price: 115,- € per tour guide/bus (max. 25 persons per Bruchmeister plus Lüttje Lage)