What are green events?

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Green events are events that emphasise social, ecological and economic sustainability. When planning an event, even minor adjustments can achieve major effects – for you as the organiser, too.

Just by choosing energy-saving equipment and lighting, reducing water and energy consumption and cutting down on waste, you’re not only lowering costs in the long term, but you’re also making an important contribution to protecting the environment and climate.

Green events focus primarily on the following aspects:

WASTE – this is an extremely important issue. You can reduce/recycle a lot of waste by having a little rethink.

ENERGY & WATER – using green energy and water-saving flush buttons are just some of the ways to save these resources and reduce consumption.

MOBILITY – deciding on a location for your event is a key aspect. One of the factors to consider is that the venue should allow car-free access as far as possible.

COMMUNICATION & MARKETING – leave a lasting impression through innovative and creative ideas for advertising your green event.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – social well-being is an important factor. Aim to meet the needs of all your participants.

VENUE – check whether the venue has disabled access and a sustainability certification.

CATERING – any food provided should be organic, in season and locally sourced.

Green events are future-oriented, sustainable and leave a lasting, positive impression. Participants in a green event can discover for themselves a different, more ecological, economical and social outlook, and may go on to apply it to their private lives, too.

Together, let’s take responsibility – GO GREEN with HannoverKongress!

Last updated: 29 Jun 2021