What are hybrid events?

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Because it’s not always possible for all participants to be present on site, a hybrid event – a mixture between a virtual and a live event – is an ideal format for connecting participants from all over the world.

Located in the centre of Germany, which makes it quick to get to, Hannover is the top choice for national events. If you’re planning an international event, however, your American collaborators or clients in Asia may find themselves excluded as a result of changed entry requirements or the long journey to the country. A hybrid event allows in-person attendees to interact with online participants.

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Hybrid events – whether a congress, meeting, conference or product presentation – are a way of relocating your event from Hannover to the world, and anyone who’s interested can easily attend.

Unlike conventional video conferences or live streams, hybrid formats require higher technical standards, giving the event a more professional sheen. In addition to special software for participants, they also provide high-quality image, sound and camera technology, seating adapted to each event and a studio equipped with a stage and LED walls or screens.

Our technical experts guarantee a professional service and will ensure your event runs smoothly. Optional extras, such as interpreters, video recordings or additional microphones to pick up voices in the audience, can be included without any problem.

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HannoverKongress has already thought about special requirements like these, and you can easily find the right location for your hybrid event via our booking portal. Our team is happy to help you select a suitable location, tailor-made to your individual needs.

HannoverKongress connects your event with the world!


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Last updated: 9 Jul 2021