German market leader in hearing aid acoustics

Kind Hörgeräte

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One of the world's leading companies in hearing aid acoustics.

KIND GmbH & Co. KG


Kind Hörgeräte


KIND is the leading family-owned company in hearing acoustics and ophthalmic optics. With a total of over 700 specialist stores and more than 3,500 employees in Germany and abroad, KIND is one of the world's most successful and fastest-growing companies in its sectors.

In the field of hearing acoustics, KIND is a pioneer in Germany. More than 1.5 million customers place their trust in KIND, and a high level of customer satisfaction confirms the performance of the employees in the specialist stores. The message "I have a KIND in my ear" is the best-known brand in hearing acoustics. KIND continuously develops its high quality standards in close cooperation with experienced ear, nose and throat physicians and health insurance companies. 

KIND is a developer, manufacturer and service provider of hearing aids all in one. The KIND Group includes audifon, which develops and produces modern, high-performance hearing aids in Kölleda/Thuringia. 

Since 2016, KIND has also been involved in the market for ophthalmic optics. With success: currently, KIND is the fastest growing optician in Germany.  

KIND bears special responsibility as the largest trainer in hearing acoustics. With more than 600 trainees in the hearing acoustics and ophthalmic optics business units, KIND is setting the course for the future of the company. KIND employees are among the most qualified in its industry.


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Last updated: 10 May 2022