Hannover Region Hospital Group

Klinikum Region Hannover

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Municipal hospital network with 3400 beds and around 8500 employees


With 3,400 beds and around 8,500 employees, the hospital group treats around 135,000 inpatients and 160,000 outpatients every year. The hospital group, which is owned by the Hannover Region, is thus one of the largest municipal hospital companies in Germany. With a market share of around 40%, the company is the largest provider of healthcare services in the Hannover Region. The municipal company operates ten hospitals in the state capital of Hannover and the surrounding region.

In addition to basic and standard care, the hospitals offer specialized maximum care with supraregional significance in many medical specialties. The KRH hospitals cooperate closely with each other in medical centers and networks. Patients can thus benefit from the specialist expertise and capabilities of the entire hospital network.

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Last updated: 4 May 2022