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Bar & Lounge

Traditional pubs, elegant cocktail bars and more.

Auszeit © Auszeit

Bar & Lounge


Its proximity to Raschplatz makes this bar and lounge the perfect place to get into the mood for a night of partying. more...

Bronco's © Bronco's

Bar & Lounge


Bronco's is star in Hanover’s gastronomic sky. Only recently singled out by Prinz magazine as ‘best bar of the year’. more...

Bar & Lounge


For party-goers, this is the alternative and slightly off-the-wall living-room in the centre of Linden. more...

Bar & Lounge

Craft Bier Bar

The Craft Bier Bar at Ballhof is an Insider-Tipp for Beer-Fans. more...

GIG Linden © GIG Linden

Bar & Lounges


GiG is located in the heart of Linden. more...

Glüxkind © Glüxkind

Bar & Lounge


If you’re looking for somewhere to have a drink or a bite to eat in a cosy atmosphere in the evening, then you should try Glüxkind. more...

Bar & Lounge


Chill out and enjoy yourself! more...

heimW © heimW

Bar & Lounge


The heimW in the heart of the city is a novel combination of café, bar and lounge. more...

Klein Kröpcke © Klein Kröpcke

Bar & Lounge

Klein Kröpcke

If you are about to set out on a night of partying, Klein Kröpcke is the best place to start. more...

Mini Bar

Bar & Lounge

mini bar

This Minibar guarantees maximum pleasure. more...

Oscar’s Bar © Oscar’s Bar

Bar & Lounge

Oscar’s Bar

The ultimate classic bar in Hannover. more...


Bar & Lounge


Mexican cocktail bar - Latin-Jazz-Rythmen in stylish ambience. more...

Rumpelkammer © Rumpelkammer

Bar & Lounge


If you like pubs, you will love the “The Lumber Room”. more...

Bar & Lounge

SONDERBAR in the Dormero Hotel

Not only for hotel guests! more...

Ihme / Beach © Stefan Knaak

Bar & Lounges


Casual atmosphere, delightful drinks and snacks. more...