Auf den Spuren d. Personalnuion

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Säule Bahnhofsstraße © HMTG

Unter dem Motto „12 Standorte, 12 Themen, 30 Tage“ wird die Innenstadt Hannovers bis zum 27. Juni zur attraktiven Very British Open-Air-Galerie.

The Personal Union 1714-1837

Review: Open-air Gallery Very British

From 28 May to 27 June, Hannover city centre was turned into a highly attractive and ‘Very British’ open-air gallery based on the concept of ‘12 locations, 12 topics, 30 days’.

Visitors could explore the city by following a trail of large pillars which featured the most important events that took place during the era of Personal Union, accompanied by large, striking pictures. The tops of the pillars had been specially designed for this occasion and were adorned with Union Jacks and flags bearing the Hannover logo – and two of the pillars were even topped with a royal crown.

Each pillar provided information about events dealing with ‘Very British’ subjects. Entertaining texts written by Professor Thomas Schwark (Director of Hannover Museum of History), ground posters around the pillars and a competition all encouraged people to linger.


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