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Glasharfenkonzert in luftiger Höhe: Susanne Würmel verzaubert auf dem Gipfel des Waldbergs in Empelde.

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Festivals & Seasonal Events

33th Regional Discovery Day

Join in, be creative and have a great time: On the Regional Discovery Day on 13 September different locations and organisations in the Hannover Region open their doors to offer insights and experiences.

On the Regional Discovery Day visitors and citizens are once again invited to discover Hannover and the adjoining districts. For one day it is possible to choose between about 30 destinations for excursions. As always, the core element in this regional excursion programme is the special ticket offered by the Greater Hannover Transport Authority. It enables participants to get to all the tour destinations by bus, tram or train at a bargain price.

Join in, be creative and have a great time!

In addition, Hannover city centre will be the venue for the big Discovery Day Festival, with some 150 stands and several stages stretching all the way from Kröpcke to Aegidientorplatz ("Aegi"), via Opernplatz and Georgsplatz. The motto: Join in, be creative and have a great time! Apart from the local authorities, local and regional associations, organisations and artists will also be out on the city streets.

Event(s): 05.09.2021 
from 10:00 to 19:00 o'clock

Different Venues

  • Hildesheimer Straße 20
  • 30169 Hannover