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Culinary temptations


Gourmets can make a culinary trip around the world without ever leaving Hannover.

Hospitality with a heart

Gourmets can make a culinary trip around the world without ever leaving Hannover. Specialities from all over the globe, cheerful cafés and bistros, authentic pubs and inns, smart bars and restaurants – the amazing choice guarantees something to suit every taste and every budget. International chefs invite you to sample creative cuisine ranging from distinctive Afghan flavours to delicious Vietnamese specialities. Discerning connoisseurs will be delighted to find haute cuisine that regularly
earns top marks from restaurant guides.

Regional dishes – served with a flourish

The renaissance of regional products is evident in many restaurants and traditional dishes from Lower Saxony appeal in particular to fans of substantial plain fare, such as curly kale with a special type of pork sausage, Calenberger Pfannenschlag (minced meat with groats) or fried or smoked eels from Lake Steinhude. But there are also specialities which are guaranteed to please more delicate palates, such as local asparagus from the famous growing regions of Burgdorf and Nienburg, or Welfenspeise (blancmange with a wine sauce similar to zabaglione) for dessert. More than 60 weekly and farmers’ markets as well as countless farm shops throughout the region ensure a healthy supply of fresh fruit and vegetables and the share of organic produce is steadily rising. The greatest variety under one roof is to be found at Hannover’s covered market, which is also a popular meeting place for a quick cappuccino during the lunch break or after work.

Dance the night away

Traditional pubs, elegant cocktail bars, clubs playing every kind of music – Hannover’s party district exerts a magnetic pull – and not only at the weekend. Every evening, creative actors put on a range of fantastic music events, either live or with a DJ at the desk. From small select clubs to huge dance halls, the city has something for everyone. There are regular club sessions featuring highly diverse music styles and amazing performances. The density and diversity of the dancefloor scene is in a class of its own.