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Logistics location Hannover

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Hannover Region is one of the most attractive locations in Germany for logistics companies.

Logistics in the Hannover Region

Hannover is “on the map” of logistics companies. The Fraunhofer Institute from Nuremberg recognises the Hannover Region as one of the most important German logistics regions – as verified by the large number of relocations in recent years.

Several factors make the Hannover Region an excellent location for logistics businesses:

  • Central location
  • Outstanding infrastructure for all means of transport
  • Very well connected commercial sites 

The biggest players in the courier, express and packet services segments all have branches in the region. All of the largest system alliances, such as Systemalliance, IDS, 24plus and Cargoline, use Hannover as their central distribution hubs for their flow of goods in north Germany.

Logistics has developed particularly dynamically within the last 10 years:

  • Over 80 investment projects in logistics with a
  • Site turnover of over 260 hectares (50 % of all commercial real estate purchases)
  • An investment volume exceeding Euro 1.3 billion
  • 7800 new jobs paying social insurance contributions since 2003. 

Location with a European hub function

The Hannover Region benefits from its direct connection to four national motorways. Major economic centres can be reached within one day. For instance, the seaports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven (JadeWeserPort) can be reached within one driver shift. Denmark in the north; the Netherlands, and the Ruhr in the west; the Berlin capital city region in the east; as well as Frankfurt a.M. in the south, can be reached within three driving hours.

The late cut-off times – in other words, the latest receipt times for shipments – are another competitive advantage for this logistics location. 

Hannover is the central hub for important rail connections in an east-west direction (linking up the Rhein-Ruhr region with Berlin), as well as in a north-south direction (linking up Hamburg and Munich). The Hannover Region is also excellently connected by rail to the German seaports.

The ports in Hannover are incorporated within the European waterways network via the Mittellandkanal. Important marine and inland waterway port locations can be reached by ship. The international airport in Hannover enables rapid dispatching by air.  

The following links provide you with more detailed information on the Hannover logistics location. 

Last updated: 18 Apr 2019