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Wisentgehege Springe

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A worthwhile destination for the whole family: In the Wisentgehege Springe all animals can be observed in their natural habitat.

Wisentgehge Springe

The Wisentgehege was founded in 1928 to save the bison - Europe's largest mammal - from extinction. With 310 births by 2007, the Wisentgehege has contributed significantly to the conservation of the species. Today, the enclosure, covering an area of over 90 hectares, provides a home for about 100 species of wild bison and Przewalski's wild horses, magnificent brown bears and elegant otters as well as mysterious wolves.

Re-investment projects

The preservation breeding of endangered animal species is not only the origin of the farm, but still an important goal of the company. The Wisentgehege participates again and again successfully in reintroduction projects by supplying suitable animals: For example, Przewalski's horses from Springe in Mongolia and China have contributed to the establishment of new populations.

Mating season in the Wisentgehege

Brunftzeit im Wisentgehege

Environmental education is also an important goal of the Wisentgehege. The essential and biggest difference to other zoological institutions is the "presentation" of the species in their natural habitat. Various species of woodpeckers, kingfishers, bats, free-breeding eagle owls, grey herons, numerous insects and many other animals can therefore also find a species-appropriate home. The Wisentgehege sees its task in informing visitors through detailed signs, numerous guided tours and breathtaking flight demonstrations, as well as through public feeding and special events, and in this way to sensitize them to the concerns of species, nature and environmental protection.

In addition, the own school gives children and young people the opportunity to learn about environmental education in nature at first hand. For those for whom the approximately 6 km long circular trail with unforgettable moments and encounters for big and small animal lovers is not enough, the bison enclosure offers the possibility to get to know the daily life of an animal keeper as a "temporary keeper".

Wisentgehege Springe

All information for a visit can be found on the website of the Wisentgehege Springe (german)

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Last updated: 29 May 2024