Firework Competition - Dates in 2022

Australia - 28 May 2022

Australien-Termin ausverkauft

On 28 may 2022 the International Firework Competition takes place at the Herrenhausen Gardens with an Australian Team.

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Year in, year out, stunning heavenly paintings in combination with perfectly matching music enchant the spectators of the International Fireworks Competition. This spectacle in extremely beautiful surroundings never fails to amaze spectators with endlessly new choreolgraphies, thanks to the best pyrotechnic artists in the world, who deliver fantastic flights of fancy, lighting up the skies in time to a perfectly chosen musical background. A thrilling overall work of art for the whole family.

Hours before darkness descends on the baroque gardens, the supporting programme of live music, walking acts and dramatic art whets the spectators’ appetite for the main event. Creative tributes to the country of that evening’s contestant and matching culinary delicacies ensure that time passes quickly.

Guests will be met at the entrance by colourful folklore and Eastern European esprit. The friendly, all-devouring dragon Onil digests and recycles everything that people dare to hurl down its throat, while cheeky but charming Vampirella from the mysterious forests of Transylvania hands out a weird and wonderful elixir. Fanfare Ciocărlia, Romania’s best brass band, never fails to captivate audiences at the world’s leading concert venues, and today the musicians will appear at the garden theatre, accompanied by the dance ensemble Calaneya Tribal. On the rehearsal stage, Ayassa plays melancholy, romantic songs set to fiery Balkan tunes. Visitors can look forward to the Pyro Events Team show at 10 pm. This team is determined to fascinate the audience with its spectacular pyrotechnical creations. The Romanians welcome new challenges and stay true to their motto of kindling fascination for fireworks the world over.


The event is in the past


Herrenhausen Gardens
Herrenhäuser Straße 4
30419 Hannover

Tickets are non-refundable.

Last updated: 23 May 2022