Ricardo Caballer

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Choreography of Team Spain - Ricardo Caballer (6 June 2015)

On 6 June, the International Fireworks Competition presented high-ranking visitors from Spain.

Ricardo Caballer Estellés and Ricardo Caballer Cardo, the grandson and great-grandson of the founder of Ricardo Caballer SA (which was formed in 1881) brought with them all the ingredients for a breathtaking display. The pyrotechnic company from Valencia is not only the largest seller of fireworks in its home country, but is also an international player. Ricardo Caballer SA delivers fireworks to five continents and countless theme parks, making it one of the largest fireworks export firms in Spain. The combination of tradition and new technologies has earned the pyrotechnicians numerous prizes and a sound international reputation.

The Spaniards also have the knack of appealing to their audiences’ emotions. Their motto is: “Our fireworks are capable of expressing feelings that often cannot be put into words.” Amongst other things, the Spanish team provided fireworks displays as an artistic background for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000) and the Pan American Games (2007 and 2011). It has also been highly successful in competitions, winning for instance the Czech TV Prize at the Ignis Brunensis in Brno (2008) as well as first (2009) and second (2012) place in the “Flammende Sterne” competition in Ostfildern.

Last updated: 11 Mar 2019