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LaserTag - the new trend among people who like to do something extraordinary.

Lasertag Hannover FUN Center

Lasertag FUN Center

The Lasertag giant on Hildesheimer Straße offers a stunning experience for 26 people on 700 m² space. In the arena there are several electronic traps and targets, all interactive with disco light effects and sound. The promotion "50% off everything after the 2nd game" makes the price even lower: 3 rounds cost only 15,- €.

Lasertag Hannover FUN Center
Hildesheimer Straße, Entrance: Am Brabrinke 14
30519 Hannover
Callcenter: +49 5131 8800
Booking: (in German)
Price per game (1 person): 6,- €, 3 games 15,- €, 4 games 18,- €
Further information on the official website (in German)

LaserTag Hannover

Lasertag Hannover

LaserTag Hannover was the first Arena in the city. New player or lasertag veterans are always welcome - whether as individual players or in a team. You can find here the latest high-end LaserTag Germany system for innovative game variations and features.

LaserTag Hannover
Davenstedterstraße 123
30453 Hannover
Phone: +49 511 47416670
Price: per game / each person 7,- € (cheaper group tickets for a group of 5 or 10)
Further information on the official website (in German)

Lasersports Hannover-Langenhagen

The ultimate lasertag experience only 15 minutes from the main station: fun and action are guaranteed on the 600 m² playing area - whether as an individual player or in a team, birthdays, parties or as a company event. With high-tech phaser and sensor waistcoats, players can be "tagged" in the futuristic arena in order to score as many points as possible and lead your team to victory. You will need teamwork, communication, reaction, tactics and endurance to suceed.

LaserSports Hannover

LaserSports GmbH
Buschkamp 86
30853 Langenhagen
Monday to thursday: 14:00 - 22:00
Friday 14:00 - 23:00
Saturday 10:00 - 23:00
Sunday 11:00 - 23:00
Phone: +49 511 76336300
Preise: Einzelspiel 7,70 €, 3 Spiele 18,70 €, 4 Spiele 22,70 € (jeweils pro Person)
Further information on the official website (in German)

Last updated: 4 Jun 2021