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Macedos Pirotecnia

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The portuguese team "Macedos Pirotecnia" showed their skills at the 28th International Fireworks Competition on 1. September.

Team Portugal - Macedos Pirotecnia

Macedos Pirotecnia was founded in 1934 by Joaquim Macedo da Silva and has since then been run as a family business. The business strategy of the Macedo family is split into two areas: one side is responsible for the research, development and production of fireworks, while the other concerns itself with the conceptual design and performance of the firework displays. The key to their success is the decades of experience the team has gained at events all over the world. They have shown their quality with various victories and prizes at national and international competitions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The Portuguese team has already won numerous international prizes. At the Shanghai International Festival of Musical Fireworks 2000 they were awarded an Excellence Prize. Macedos Pirotecnia is also a Guinness World Record holder: in 2006, they set off 66,326 rockets within eight minutes.

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Last updated: 1 Nov 2018