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Scarpato Pirotecnica

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The italian team "Scarpato Pirotecnica" showed their skills at the 28th International Fireworks Competition on 26 May.

Team Italien - Scarpato Pirotecnica

Towards the end of the seventeenth century, glorious firework displays were held in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta. At this time in Naples the Scarpato family starts to devote itself to this pyrotechnic culture. During this period they win numerous local “competitions”. In the 1930s, Antonio Scarpato Sr moves to Germany with his family, where he thrills the local population with his wonderful fireworks. He returns to his place of birth shortly after. There, the next generation of the family takes over Scarpato Pirotecnica and keeps the art of fireworks alive. In Rimini, the location of the present-day head office, Antonio Scarpato, the sixth generation to manage the company, has carried the family tradition into the present day with success, quality, art, innovation and respect. The team proves its skill year on year at various international competitions. They have also performed extraordinary and major shows with great success, such as “Pink Night” in 2011, where seven synchronised firework displays were set off along 15 km of Italian coastline. In 2012, they have won the 1st price in Knokke-Heist.

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