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Pirotecnica Vaccalluzzo

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The italien team "Pirotecnica Vaccalluzzo" will shows their skills at the 29th International Fireworks Competition on 24 August.

Internationaler Feuerwerkswettbewerb - Italien

“To inspire the audience” – this is the motto of the Sicilian Team, the Pirotecnica Vaccalluzzo Antonino. They connect old Sicilian tradition and modern technical aspects with success: they achieved the victory of multiple international competitions like 2015 when they won the World Fireworks Championship or 2010 where they earned the first prize at the twelfth International Symposium on Fireworks in Portugal. Probably due to the fact that every pyrotechnic article used in their shows is completely own made. Furthermore those articles are also winners; they have earned the quality certification ISO 9001 and have the CE mark on their products. Every show is developed with love to the detail to express emotions. The team views itself as artist of fire: the sky is their scene and the firework is the actor.

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International Firework Competition

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Last updated: 11 Sep 2019