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Makalu Fireworks

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The Czech team "Makalu Fireworks" will shows their skills at the 29th International Fireworks Competition on 7 September.


Special effects for movies, theatres and stage pyrotechnics for concerts, own shows and basically just everything that is in relation to pyrotechnic – all that is represented by the team from Czech Republic Makalu Fireworks. To take the audience on a journey they tell stories which are shown visually and acoustically with music and astonishing fireworks. And that works obviously: the team displays on international events and festivals their shows. No matter whether Chinese New Year celebration in Prague or the first place at competitions in Germany and Poland, Makalu Fireworks portrays creative and innovative displays and modern pyrotechnic.

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International Firework Competition

The world-famous competition presents top teams from all over the world.

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Last updated: 11 Sep 2019