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Carsharing and Ridesharing

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No more searching for a parking space in Hannover.

Moia +6 vor der Staatsoper Hannover

Various car sharing and ridesharing providers make it possible to always have a car available without owning it. Share a car, use it when you need it and never have to look for parking again.

The largest provider in Hannover is Stadtmobil, with over 550 vehicles, and electric cars are also part of the fleet. In addition, Flinkster.

Ridesharing services are not only popular in private circles. The ridesharing services of VW subsidiary MOIA have been using only electric vehicles since 2021. Rides can be booked conveniently via app. In addition, there are numerous offers for ridesharing that are particularly worthwhile for longer journeys: commuter portal, blablacar, mifaz and are among them. 

Climate-friendly alternative
The Velix bicycle taxis are a climate-friendly alternative to a normal taxi ride.

Last updated: 1 Feb 2024