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The labour market is dynamic and complex and offers graduates many opportunities to start their career.

But what does it boil down to in practice? What qualifications do employers look for and how can you tailor your studies accordingly? What makes an application successful? The Hannover University of Applied Sciences and ArtsCareer Centreand the Leibniz University Hannover Career Service can help their students find the answers to these and other questions regarding starting a placement or job:

  • Advice on career paths and decision-making, looking for a job and other questions regarding applying for jobs, placements and career entry
  • Workshops and events in preparation for the application process (application documents, interviews, selection procedures)
  • Contacts with employers (careers fairs, visits, presentations)
  • Mentoring programmes for career entry
  • Online job databases with placement vacancies, final projects, jobs, etc.   

Mentoring programmes in preparation for career entry:

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