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Review: Czech Repub­lic – Flash Barandov

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Here you will find information about the team Flash Barrandov.

Team Tschechien - Flash Barrandov

The starting shot for the 24th International Firework Competition was be given by the Czech team “Flash Barandov Special Effects” on the 17th of May. In 2013, the crew prevailed against the competition with the outstanding firework choreography “The Human Game”.

Flash Barandov is the leading firm for pyrotechnical shows and special effects in the Czech Republic. The pyrotechnists from Prague have already won awards in international competitions, for instance in Quebec (2011), Cannes (2008) and Madeira (2006) or Brno. Due to the special effects, the company is internationally in high demand and was already hired for Hollywood blockbusters such as “Hellboy” or the “Bourne Identity”.

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