Streetart & Graffiti Linden


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The Lindener Hauswand on Grotestraße is now adorned with depictions of important milestones from the Gründerzeit – a period of major industrialisation in the 19th century.

Graffitis in the Grotestraße in Linden-Nord:

Street artist Joy Lohmann decorated a building facade in Linden-Nord with figures and symbols related to this important era in Hannover. It took two months to turn the wall into a giant public history book. Depictions of the Kröpcke Clock, the founding of the city’s beloved football club, Hannover 96, the birth of the Bahlsen biscuit and the construction of the old indoor market can all be found on the 100 m2 mural. This allows passersby to gain an insight into events from this period in Hannover, which lasted from 1866 to 1896.

Última actualización: 21 mar 2022