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Restaurant "Der Gartensaal"

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Einzigartiges Ambiente in historischer Kulisse

“Der Gartensaal” Restaurant in the historical New Town Hall is a superb choice for conferences and parties!

Situated in an ideal spot at the southern entrance of the New Town Hall, Gartensaal Restaurant is the perfect backdrop for excellent banquets, or particularly stylish corporate events. The venue is extremely popular and a sunny patio looking out on Maschteich adds a Mediterranean flair. The bright rooms with high ceilings lend a certain cachet that appeals to guests.

The restaurant is suitable for events of up to 350 people. Two side rooms, 50 and 110 m2 in size, are ideal for meetings or conferences. The venue is also just the right spot for breaks. Why not take a guided tour of the town hall, take the diagonal lift to the dome at the top of the tower, or walk in Maschpark.

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Viimeksi päivitetty: 6.12.2021