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Review: Team England - 1st Galaxy Fireworks

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Here you will find information about the team 1st Galaxy Fireworks.

Team England - 1st Galaxy Fireworks

The team from Nottingham „1st Galaxy Fireworks“  is one of the most important pyrotechnic companies of Great Britain. With a history of nearly 30 years, it is able to look back at many thousands of fireworks with millions of fascinated spectators.

To name some examples, the Englishmen were among the finalists of the British Firework Championships in 2010, they earned the second place at the British Pyro Musical Championships two times in a row and they were awarded with the third place in the “Champion of Champions Firework Display Competition” in Plymouth in 2013. Today, we are very curious to see the British team who is going to put its ability to the test.  

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