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Raschplatz is situated directly behind Hannover’s central station at the northern end of Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade. In the underpass, you’ll see a large assemblage of graffiti by artists such as Philipp von Zitzewitz and Hochkreativ.

Monkey Movement am Raschplatz

Graffitis am Raschplatz in der Stadtmitte Hannovers:

Raschplatz in Hannover became a street art hotspot in 2016, thanks to a joint project between the Hannover parkour group Monkey Movements, the Glocksee Youth Centre (UJZ-Glocksee) and the Youth Sports Centre (Jugendsportzentrum). Under the motto ‘Urban Jungle’, a lot of graffiti was created here and perfected by four artists and six young people. Existing motifs that were already in situ were incorporated into the graffiti. The aim was to provide the parkour runners with a suitable backdrop for their hobby. But the artists also wanted to improve the square’s reputation and raise public awareness to improve the integration of homeless people, drug addicts and people with no place in society.

For more information and photos, check out the websites of artists Jascha Müller, Philipp von Zitzewitz and Hochkreativ.

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