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Mittelland Canal

The Mittelland Canal, the longest man-made waterway in Germany, connects Hannover with the major seaports and inland ports on the Continent.

The Mittelland Canal is a major canal in central Germany and forms an important link in the waterway network of that country, providing the principal east-west inland waterway connection. Its significance goes beyond Germany as it links France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries with Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic Sea.

It extends from the Dortmund-Ems Canal east of Rheine, running eastward along the northern border of the Central German Uplands to the Elbe River north of Magdeburg (a distance of about 321 km, or 199 miles), linking there with the Elbe-Havel Canal eastward to Berlin. Side canals connect it with Osnabrück, Hannover, Salzgitter, and Hildesheim. West of Wolfsburg, the Elbe Lateral Canal branches off, providing a connection to Hamburg, and (via the Elbe-Lübeck Canal) to the Baltic Sea.

Hannover: a hub of European transport links

A significant part of what makes the Hannover economic area a great location is its position as a hub of Europe’s transport links.

Situated on major transport routes between north and south as well as east and west

With their affordable transport connections to every major north-south and east-west transport route, and their excellent infrastructure and superstructure, Hannover’s harbours provide optimal conditions for logistics.

Hannover’s four harbours

Die städtischen Häfen sind auf der Übersichtskarte von Hannover mit weißen Umrandungen markiert © Städtische Häfen

Die vier Hafen-Standorte Hannovers

Nordhafen Harbour, Linden Harbour, Brink Harbour and Misburg Harbouron the Mittelland Canal and the Linden Branch Canal provide excellent accessibility to the sea ports and the hinterland.