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Lake Maschsee Festival, marksmen funfair & more - experience one of the exciting festivals in Hannover.

A trip around the world!

Maschsee Lake Festival

The holiday season is given an international stage around the shores of Hannover’s very own lake at the Maschsee Lake Festival.

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International Firework Competition

The world-famous competition presents top teams from all over the world.

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IdeenExpo Hannover

IdeenExpo 2024

08.06.2024 to 16.06.2024

Messegelände Hannover

The spirit of inquiry and the thirst for knowledge: The world's biggest classroom carries young people off to the world of natural sciences and technology...

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Découvrez les marchés de Noël de Hanovre

Marché de Noël de Hanovre

Noël à Hanovre : découvrez comment célébrer Noël à Hanovre.

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