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ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems

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Die Zentrale von Wabco ZF in Hannover Linden.

ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division (formerly WABCO) is the world’s leading supplier of brake control systems and other technologies for improving the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles.

ZF Friedrichshafen acquired WABCO Holdings Inc. in 2020 and has 150,000 employees at around 260 sites in 41 countries. In Lower Saxony the company has sites in Hannover, Gronau, Jeversen (test track) and Langenhagen (distribution centre).

In der hauseigenen Akademie fördert Wabco ZF seinen Nachwuchs.

Hannover is the largest site for product development and production, where among other things the company develops electronic brake systems, hydraulic anti-lock braking systems, gearshift controllers and compressors.

Hannover is also home to the WABCO Academy, a centre of excellence for professional training solutions, and its associated sales and training centre. ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems currently employs more than 2,200 people at its Hannover site, including around 750 engineers.

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