Hearing Protection



Shout, shout, let it all out! If you have ever shouted along to the song by the band Tears for Fears, you will probably have noticed that your ears are ringing afterwards. Human hearing participates in many activities, not just at concerts, but also at work. Find out about the types of people who should consider using ear defenders.



1. The music fan

Music is played at more than 100 decibels at rock and pop concerts. This is roughly equivalent to the volume of a power saw. However, a silent concert is not the answer to this problem. Special filters block out certain frequencies so that the music is quieter but still retains its clarity..


2. The workaholic

In some professions, it is necessary to withstand high volumes of noise for hours on end. Day-to-day work is particularly loud for employees in aircraft manufacturing and road construction, and for bartenders. Dentists and teachers also have to endure high levels of noise. If you are exposed to noise levels higher than 80 decibels at work, you are legally entitled to wear ear protection.


3. DIYers

I only screw a few screws into the wall!” Even if you are just pottering around at home and decide to crank up your drill or circular saw, you should definitely think about wearing hearing protection. Ear defenders are an ideal solution in this instance or a headset that completely covers the ears.


4. The frequent flyer

Has the plane just taken off, but you can’t reach your chewing gum? Air passengers experience particularly high levels of pressure on the ears during take off and landing. And then there is the constant roar of the engines. Special ear protection with filters, which balance out the pressure, is ideal in this situation.


5. The sleep deprived

You might be losing sleep due to your baby or snoring partner, or it could perhaps be your ticking alarm clock. Many people toss and turn every night in bed because their sleeping environment is too loud. Conventional ear protection made from a foam material can provide relief, otherwise it might be necessary to get hold of a specially adapted model.


6. The water rat

A few laps around the swimming pool, a quick dive and suddenly you have a whole lot of water sloshing about in your ears. It usually drains out again, however, it can also get stuck inside. You then run the risk of developing a middle ear infection. Custom-made ear protection is the ideal solution to prevent water from entering into the ears.


最終更新: 2022/02/28