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Nous vous invitons cordialement à venir passer un moment sublime dans la Région d’Hanovre!

Das Neue Rathaus am Maschteich © HMTG

Tourist Highlight

The New Town Hall

Built in 1913, it is the seat of the Mayor and CEO of Hannover. 続き...

Großer Garten mit Galerie und Schloss Herrenhausen © Coptograph

ヘレンハウゼン - 私の命

ハノーバー氏のこの壮麗なる宝物、世界に有名なバロック式庭園へレンハウゼンは1692年から1714年までの間ハノーバー選帝侯夫人であったソフィー・フォン・デア・プファルツが造らせたものです。 続き...

The Old Town © HMTG


カフェや歴史的な木組みに囲まれたファサードのブティックが立ち並ぶ、牧歌的な路地を発見してみませんか。 続き...

Maschsee © Udo Segreff

Jogging, pedalo, walking & promenading


A maritime paradise right in the city centre! 続き...

Schloss Marienburg © Knaak


19世紀の城の生活にタイムスリップしてみませんか。 続き...

Beleuchtetes Gebäude vor dunklem Himmel. © Archiv

Tourist Highlight

Opera House

One of the most beautiful neo-classical buildings of its kind. 続き...

Marktkirche © HMTG/Martin Kirchner

Tourist Highlight


The Marktkirche - the church at the market place - was built in the 14th century 続き...

Altes Rathaus Hannover © HMTG

Tourist Highlight

The Old Town Hall

A historical building dating back to 1500 a.d. 続き...

Scoutsafari © Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover

Tourist Highlight

Hannover Adventure Zoo

On animal safari around the world with exotic landscapes, over 2000 animals and amazing shows at Hannover Adventure Zoo. 続き...

les Nanas sur le fil rouge © HMTG

Tourist Highlight


Buxom curves, luminous colours: the three Nanas on the Leibnizufer have become one of Hannover’s most popular landmarks since 1974. 続き...