Fireworks Competition

Review: Greece - Nanos Fireworks


Here you will find information about the team Greece.

Team Griechenland - Nanos Fireworks

The Greek company “Nanos Fireworks & Special Effects”  is already led in the fourth generation and functions as the oldest as well as biggest pyrotechnical firm in Greece. The extensive list of references of the Greeks contains spectacular events such as fireworks for the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004), the Eurovision Song Contest (2006), the final of the UEFA Champions League (2007) or for concerts of stars like Jennifer Lopez and AC/DC.

They are also successful in competitions. For example, they achieved the first place in the competition Flammende Sterne in Ostfildern (2005) and at the 6th International Music Fireworks Festival Shanghai in China (2011).  

最終更新: 2018/05/02