Germany’s oldest direct insurer

Hannoversche Lebensversicherung AG

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Im Gebäude der VHV Gruppe hat auch die Hannoversche ihren Sitz.

As Germany’s first direct insurer, Hannoversche, founded in 1875, has been offering its customers rock-solid security for more than 140 years. Founded as an insurer for civil servants, today Hannoversche serves around 850,000 customers.

Germany’s first direct insurer, Preußischer Beamten-Verein, was founded in Hannover in 1875. In 1926 it became the first mutual insurance society in Germany, committing to bear all risks itself. It became open to all other occupations in 1935, which of course made the old name obsolete. Hence Preußischer Beamten-Verein became Hannoversche Lebensversicherung auf Gegenseitigkeit zu Hannover – or Hannoversche Leben for short.

In 2003, Hannoversche Leben merged with VHV Versicherungen to form VHV Vereinigte Hannoversche Versicherung a.G.
Today Hannoversche is focused on occupational disability insurance and provision for retirement and surviving dependants, including life insurance and various old-age pension plans. Other parts of its portfolio include motor vehicle, personal liability, home contents, and accident insurance.


독일 최초의 다이렉트 보험사인 Hannoversche는 1877년 이래로 고객들의 안전을 보장하고 있습니다. 2003년 이후, Hannoversche는 VHV 그룹의 일원입니다.

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