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Hannover Chamber of Trades

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Die Handwerkskammer Hannover betreut rund 100.000 Beschäftigte.

The Hannover Chamber of Trades supports around 19,000 member businesses with approximately 100,000 employees and 8,500 apprentices.

In addition to self-administration and representing the interests of its member businesses, the Hannover Chamber of Trades also provides various other services. 

As a public corporation, the Hannover Chamber of Trades regularly compiles statistical data on trends in company, apprenticeship, journeyman and master exams and conducts surveys on the economic situation in the skilled trades sector. 

Das Handwerk - Träger der deutschen Wirtschaft

Besides Hannover and the surrounding region, the Hannover Chamber of Trades also represents the various guilds in the counties of Diepholz, Hameln, Nienburg and Schaumburg. However, the Chamber of Trades is also well networked internationally, with official partnerships with the Seine-Maritime chamber of trades in Rouen, France, and the chamber of trades in Stettin, Poland. These partnerships involve mutual visits and exchange programmes.

Official homepage of the HWK

Click here to go to the official homepage of the Chamber of Trades  in Hannover.

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