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Nina visited Hannover and the International Fireworks Competition and has some great impressions for you.


Nina and Jempi about their blog: This blog is all about our personal travel experiences, proving that it’s possible to travel the world even if you don’t have the opportunity or the desire to be full-time on the road. It’s also a great way to keep a journal about our travels, since we tend to forget the details of all the places where we’ve actually been.

The entire article about Ninas visit in Hannover can be found here: 

Een Weekend in Hannover: Hippe Rooftop Bars en Spectaculair Vuurwerk


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More information about Hannover in dutch:

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Hartelijk welkom bij Hannover Tourismus: Evenementen, bezienswaardigheden, kunst en cultuur, economie en wetenschap - alle diensten rondom de toeristische...

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