Between Aegi and Raschplatz

The “Between Aegi and Raschplatz” tour takes you around the main train station, among other things, in difficult urban situations and to places that have changed a lot in recent years. It is no coincidence that many of the objects presented relate to architectural structures, some of them were created specifically as art in construction, others intervene in the built environment. However, all are in one way or another signs, signals or indications that represent, question, remember or warn: the sculptures by Fritz Koenig and Rolf Szymanski from the 1970s, the works by Horst Antes, Hans-Jürgen Breuste and Schang Hutter the 1980s, the objects by Andreas von Weizsäcker, Timm Ulrichs and WP Eberhard Eggers from the 1990s and an installation by Stephan Huber from 2006. (All texts below are by Thomas Kaestle)

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