Conference Venue

Deutsche Messe AG (Exhibition Grounds)

EXPO-Holzdach auf dem Messegelände

The Hannover Fairgrounds consist of 26 exhibition halls and pavilions with a total ground space of 496.000m².

It has a multi-functional ensemble in characteristic architectural design. An additional 58.000m² of open space offer almost unlimited possibilities.

Glass passages and various green- and rest zones offer a relaxing and, at the same time, productive atmosphere. Due to the fact that each section has its own infrastructure the areas West, Mitte and Ost , can be completely cut off from each other whilst still being used at the same time for different events.

Various microcosms can be structured in such a way that regardless of the very spacious grounds, short routes can still be guaranteed.  By ‘parcelling’ the individual useable segments, you can create optimal spacious solutions for each of your requirements. This opens up a wide range of various possibilities for all sorts of scenarios.

In the centre of the striking architectural exhibition halls lies the graceful Convention Centre with its 35 meeting rooms and halls with a total space of 5.232m². Here you will find various room combinations for groups of 10 to 1.300.

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