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Schloss Marienburg © Patrice Kunte

Schloss Marienburg

Tourist Highlight

Marienburg Castle

Like something out of a fairy-tale Marienburg Castle is perched on a hilltop near the town of Pattensen.

Marienburg Castle, embedded into the hills of the Calenberger Land, rises up on the south-western slope of the "Marienberg" Hill, some 20 km south of Hanover and 15 km north-west of Hildesheim.

The original 19th-century summer residence of the Guelph family, one of Europe's oldest royal houses, is one of Germany's most significant monuments built in neogothic style.

The last summer residence of the Guelph Kings

It was the last summer residence of the Guelph Kings of Hannover and can be seen from as far off as Calenberger Land. The splendid neo-gothic palace was built by King George V in the mid-19th century as a gift to his wife Mary. Guided tours offer a fascinating glimpse of life behind the scenes. In summer, the Castle is used as a venue for live music and plays. The old coach house and stables provide a special ambience for the restaurant.

A journey back into the middle of the 19th century

Let yourself be taken on a journey back into the middle of the 19th century, when King George V of Hanover and his wife, Queen Marie, lived on this very spot, in a little paradise combining nature and art. Enjoy a tour through the historic rooms of the Castle and crown your visit by climbing up to the top of the tower. There, a magnificent view out over the wonderful valley of the River Leine awaits you.

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