Explore ITMA, the world-leading textile machinery exhibition in Hannover. Enhance your visit with our exclusive room reservation service, offering modern hotels near the venue. Book now for a seamless and comfortable experience at ITMA Hannover.

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ITMA Hannover:

Hotels and apartments close to the trade fair


Explore the ITMA in Hannover, a leading international trade fair for textile machinery and technology, and enhance your experience with our exclusive accommodation services. Our contemporary hotels near the exhibition center not only provide superior comfort but also offer convenient access to this premier industry event. Secure your lodging now and immerse yourself in the captivating world of textile machinery and technology.

The ITMA in Hannover attracts professionals and businesses from around the globe, showcasing the latest advancements in textile manufacturing. With our exclusive accommodation services, we aim to make your visit to the trade fair as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Take advantage of our complimentary service and book a modern hotel in close proximity to the ITMA.


Our accommodation services not only offer comfortable and centrally located lodgings but also provide a diverse range of options to suit your individual preferences. Choose from various modern hotels tailored to meet your specific needs. With our complimentary service, we streamline the process of finding suitable accommodation and ensure a smooth experience during your time at the ITMA.

The ITMA features cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the textile machinery sector. By booking a hotel near the exhibition center, you not only optimize your time at the fair but also create opportunities for business networking and meaningful connections. Utilize our exclusive accommodation services to gain a competitive edge during the ITMA.

Book your hotel now and make your stay during the ITMA in Hannover stress-free and comfortable. We offer not only modern accommodations but also personalized services to ensure the success of your trade fair visit. Don't miss the chance to explore the future of textile machinery and technology. We look forward to providing you with a pleasant stay during the ITMA

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