the Hannover region, information and communication technology stands for dynamism, sustainable growth, and significant potential for innovation and jobs. Its diversified mix of sectors offers many interesting opportunities for professionals.

htp GmbH

Internet, telephone and mobile communications

htp GmbH

htp GmbH is the powerful telecommunications service provider in the Hannover area.

Expo Park

Unique location worldwide

Expo Park

Numerous companies and educational institutions from the IT and media sectors settled on the former...

IT and Communication in Hannover

With 24,500 people employed in 1,050 businesses, the information and communication sector accounts for 4.3% of the total jobs in the Hannover region. Attractive educational opportunities, excellent research institutions and leading companies make it a diverse growth industry in Hannover.

Digital transformation

Hannover is home to 25 institutes and university facilities related to the information and communications sector. The L3S research centre at Leibniz University investigates the effects of digitalisation and develops methods and technologies for the digital transformation. The Hannover University for Applied Sciences and Arts, along with four other universities in Expo Park, is represented there by some 2,400 IT and multimedia students.

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