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Hafven is the gateway to more than 100 inspiring workspaces in Hannover-Linden and Hannover-Nordstadt.

Whatever it is that you do and however you do it, Hafven has the space for you. Two locations in Hannover spanning over 2,500 square metres offer co-working spaces and makerspaces galore: office spaces, conference and workshop rooms, a FabLab, wood- and metalworking shops, plus a café. This open space is used by over 1,200 members including freelancers, salaried employees, start-ups and large companies.

Hafven has everything you would expect to find in an office – but without being tied down to the same workspace day after day. The only thing you need to bring is your laptop and your project. That keeps you moving, and gives you more contacts with exciting people. Not sure that would work for you? Drop by for a visit!
You can find more information at:

Kopernikusstraße 14
D-30167 Hannover
+49 (0)511 88 50 90 50 0
(Mo to Fr — 9 to 4 )

Schwarzer Bär 2
D-30449 Hannover
+49 (0)511 88 50 90 50 0
(Mo to Fr — 9 to 4 Uhr)

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