Studying and working at the same time

Parallel work/study and dual study programmes

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A practical approach: dual study and parallel work/study programmes allow you to pursue your studies while you are working.

Dual study programme:
In line with the dual training system, a university study programme with a fixed integrated practice module at a company is called a dual study programme. They are distinct from “classic” study programmes in that they comprise more extensive practical elements, which may vary depending on the study course and university.

Parallel work/study course: 
This is a dual study programme where the student is employed by a company for the entire duration of the training programme, and obtain an academic degree at the same time.

Alex, Simon and Cynthia work full-time and study at the same time at the Leibniz University for Applied Sciences and Arts. But the other tertiary education facilities in Hannover also
offer numerous
dual study and parallel work/study programmes.

In this film, the three describe how they manage to keep up with their studies in addition to their work.

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