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In der Zentrale der HDI in Hannover hat auch die Talanx AG ihren Sitz.

Talanx AG, a listed company, is one of the three largest insurance groups in Germany. It operates in over 150 countries, and 79% of its shares are held by HDI.

Seit der Fertigstellung des neuen Bürogebäudes befinden sich die Zentralen von HDI und Talanx unter einem Dach.

In terms of premium revenues, Talanx AG is the third-largest German insurance group and also one of the largest in Europe. Headquartered in Hannover, the company is a multi-brand provider focused on B2B insurance. The group’s 11 brands employ over 23,000 people worldwide.

The group’s brands are divided into five areas: industrial insurance, private and corporate insurance in Germany, private and corporate insurance worldwide, reinsurance and group functions. In addition to HDI, Hannover Re, warta, TU Europa, Posta Biztosító, neue leben, CiV Life, TARGO Versicherungen, PB Versicherungen (Postbank), LifeStyle Protection Versicherungen and Ampega Investment GmbH also belong to the Talanx group.

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